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Here at “Everything is Energy,” my intention is to find the source of energy blockages, and clear them on all levels, whether they occurred last week, in childhood, or generations ago.

This method is gentle, non-invasive, and powerful.

Let me help you:

•    Remove false beliefs and old paradigms.
•    Clean and energize your seven energy systems, including your chakras and aura.
•    Repair flaws in your energy DNA that may have been in your family linage for generations.
•    Connect with the source of abundance.
•    Ramp up your energetic vibration, creating balance and clarity in your life, allowing you to create
      the life you dream of.

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What does a session cost ? 

I offer a 50 minute private session $100.

For returning clients who need a boost or a quick energy adjustment, I also offer a 25 minute session. The cost is $65.00(only offered for current clients).

**Cheri is a Certified SimplyHealed Practitioner, not a doctor or licensed psychotherapist. She does not diagnose conditions, nor interfere with any treatments given by a medical professional. Scheduling an appointment acknowledges this understanding.

Cheri Nelson
SimplyHealed™ Practitioner
(208) 520-1839

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